Vehicle Wraps

With the advancement in print media technology over the year’s vehicle signage has evolved and now has emerged the full colour vehicle wrap.

Now everyone is looking to get a vehicle wrap many are asking what’s all the fuss about !

Is a vehicle wrap the right solution for you?

Nothing grabs people’s attention like a custom wrapped vehicle; if you want to stand out and get noticed then it’s the best place to advertise. We are so accustomed to driving by similar looking vehicles each day that their colour, make and model are easily forgettable. A custom wrapped vehicle always stands out and gets people’s attention whether it is parked or passing by. Not limited to vehicles all manner of transport can be wrap from Boats, Trucks, Vans and Trailers

Unlike static advertising techniques such as billboards, bus stops and magazines, a custom vehicle wrap has the benefit of mobility. A custom wrapped vehicle has the potential to generate thousands of daily impressions just by driving around for a few hours each day.

Many businesses choose to incorporate product images and photography into the design of a vehicle wrap. Product photography works especially well for vinyl vehicle wraps that advertise food and beverage products.

Companies usually have to incur ongoing, variable marketing costs with traditional advertising techniques such as billboards, online advertising and print. With vehicle wrap advertising, there are no ongoing, variable marketing costs. Wrapping a company car is a one-time fee.

Van Hero Design

Hero Van Design

Moving away from the more traditional and reserved style of print. This big and bold print will certainly catch the attention of new clients.

Design Wrap Van

Clean & Sharp

Simplistic design with modern colours. Clean and sophisticated would look great for any fleet or start up trade.