Window Signage – Effective for growing customers.

For any business, the key to sustainability is to keep the business growing constantly. To grow, the business needs to acquire new customers while retaining old ones. This is where marketing comes into spotlight. A business needs to tap on all avenues of marketing and ensure they have a comprehensive plan for the same. Remember, not all marketing methods require regular investment, you just need to be smart and creative. 


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Why window signage? 

 One of the easiest and most overlooked methods of advertising is window signage. Window signage is an excellent way to raise awareness of your products and your brand. One of the best features of a window signage is that it can be customized the way you want. If you are still wondering whether your business needs window signage for marketing or not, read on. Here are few reasons that prove window signage is a great way to market your business –

  • 1 – Window signage is an instant and inexpensive way to promote the awareness of your brand in the local area. It is also a great way to generate word of mouth publicity as prospective customers will know who you are and what you offer when they pass across your window signage.
  • 2 – If you are giving some special offers, window signage is a great way of promoting your discount or combo offers. Customizing window signage to show your latest deals and offers will give an extra boost to your other marketing methods.
  • 3 – A smart window decal placed at a strategic location can give a big push to your brand building efforts. A window signage places your brand in a customer’s sight and mind, and makes a great way of building brand recognition with your prospective audience.
  • 4 – You can use window signage for not just marketing, but also in a way to direct customers to your brick and mortar shop or show them the right entrance. You can also use them to let customers know where the parking is for your store or the store timings. This ensures that your signage is not only advertising your brand but also providing information that can be useful for your customers.
  • 5 – When you are tight on your marketing budget, you look for advertising methods that involve low investment and provide high returns. Window signage is definitely one of these types of marketing methods. Having signage costs less but has proven to lead to successful conversions for businesses.

If your store has big windows in the front, back or side, don’t cover them up or close them. Use them so that the people passing by can take a sneak peek into your store and use window signage to promote your products, deals, offers and more.  In fact, window signage plays a dual role; on one hand it attracts people passing by and on the other hand it provides a layer of privacy to people inside the store. Don’t miss out on this amazing way of advertising your business – window signage!


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