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Tips For Effective Outdoor Business Signs

Outdoor business signs hold a great importance for every business. Effective outdoor business signage draws customers in and helps the business in being seen, understood, and remembered. With all that known, here are some tips that can help you create effective outdoor signs, maximizing your sign’s visibility:

1. Location does matter:
The location of the business signage plays a crucial role in its visibility. Try to aim it at a place so that the view is not obstructed by any building, trees, etc. and position it at a proper height so as to get the maximum exposure to your target audience.
2. Size:
Well, apart from being simple and easy to read, the font size of your business signage should be big enough to be readable by all age groups. We also recommend using a mix of upper and lower case of Alphabets as all caps make it hard to read. In general, every 10 feet of viewing distance requires 1 inch of letter height.
3. Type and Fonts:
Generally, to ensure readability, use a clear and crisp font style that is easy to read. There is an array of professional fonts available with varied weights. Use them to your advantage and give due priority to the most significant part of your message.
4. Colour Theory:
Colours are significant while creating outdoor business signs. Though it is advisable to use high contrasting colours, for they can improve outdoor advertising recall, the colours should be consistent with your other branding efforts. Choose a colour that simplifies readability and complements the background colour of the signage.
5. Keep It Short:
Don’t’ make the business outdoor signs too lengthy. On an average, a person can read approx. 4 words per second, so ensure that you convey the most with the least possible words.
6. Be Memorable and Creative:
Who loves to be bored or discuss boring signs? Well, Boring signs are really tiresome. Get your business a creative and humorous screen sign so as to grab your target audience’s attention. While not everyone likes a joke, but consumers do appreciate them often!

Good business signage can do wonders for your business. It can not only help you gain visibility but also drive your sales and increase your revenues. If you already have a business outdoor sign, take a time to re-evaluate, feel free to call us for help. We can offer a wide range of affordably priced business signs that can help you communicate more with your customers without costing a fortune.